Tensions and Expectations


Tensions and Expectations 

What is ‘expectation’?

Does it have any connection with satisfaction?

Is it something which is a part of pride?

For example, “My son will get a perfect bride!”


Does satisfaction mean the simplest pleasure?

Or relishing time in the sauna, with cash and lots of treasure?


Why do we ‘expect’?

For the sake of love and care?

Does it incite us to dare,

To achieve things unique and rare?

Does, in the long run, this care turn into greed or fear?




Learning Activities




1. Words from the second 1000 General Service List 

connection  dare  greed  lots  perfect  pride  rare  sake  satisfaction  treasure

2. Academic Word List words  

achieve, unique

You should learn the words in #1 and #2 above, as these are high frequency words in English.


3. Off List words 

bride, cash, incite, relishing, sauna 

Check the meaning of these in your dictionary, but do not learn them unless you already know all the words in #1 and 2 above, as they are not so common.


Comprehension Questions

  1. Inferring: Why does the title include the word ‘tensions’? How does this word relate to one’s expectations?

  2. Remembering: Without looking back at the poem, can you remember which words rhyme with the following words  a) bride  _________  b) care ____________, _____________  c) treasure ________________

  3. Understanding: Explain the meaning of “in the long run”. 

  4. Understanding: Explain the meaning of “for the sake of” something.

  5. Understanding: Give some examples of things that are ‘unique’ and/or ‘rare’.


Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Analysing: What does the word ‘relishing’ mean? Find some examples of sentences that use this word in the dictionary. What do those example sentences show you about the  kinds of things that people often relish?  

  2. Applying: What are your expectations for the future? Do you think your expectations are realistic or just fantasies? Describe some things that you ‘relish’. 

  3. Evaluating: The poet indicates that our expectations might make us become greedy. Do you think it is a good thing to have high expectations in life or not? Give some reasons for your answer.

  4. Creating: Make some notes as instructed below…

  1. List three common expectations that people have in life. 

  2. Now list three unusual expectations that people may have. 

  3. For each expectation, write two or three practical steps that people can take to achieve these expectations. 

  4. Beside each expectation, also write some things that might get in the way of achieving it. 

  5. Finally, explain how these obstacles might be overcome.

  6. In your opinion, what is ‘life satisfaction?’ Write down some examples to support your ideas, and in one or two sentences, explain how life satisfaction can be achieved.

Now use your notes to create a short motivational speech called “How to reach your goals in life”. Deliver your motivational speech to a partner, or a small group. (Or you could record your speech as a short video.) However you decide to deliver your speech, give your listeners some time to think of some questions, then be prepared to answer these.