Writing Guidelines

Please note, for copyright reasons, ALL stories, poems and photos provided MUST be original work. DO NOT send materials that have been rewritten from other written texts, previously published material or images taken from the Internet. Writers will be legally responsible for their own content contribution should questions arise over copyright.

All materials should reflect the life, history or cultural experience of Bangladeshi people in some way.

Materials that do not meet all submission requirements will not be considered for publication.

A. Please provide the following information with each story…

  1. Author’s Name: (Please write your family name first, in capital letters, followed by your personal name(s) (eg. BROWN Charles)
  2. Title: (e.g. Professor, Dr., Ms., Mr. etc.)
  3. Affiliation(s): (e.g. University, School, BELTA member etc.)
  4. Current Employment Role: (e.g. English language teacher, researcher, administrator etc.)
  5. E-mail address(es) - If you use more than one e-mail address, please indicate which address you wish to be used in communication with you.
  6. A brief paragraph containing your bio. details (no more than 150 words) (This only needs to be supplied once, with the first story. If it needs to be updated later, please let us know.) If you are willing to have your photo included, please also send a small, clear headshot only, preferably with a plain background.) Take a look at our Writers’ Profiles page to see examples.
  7. Story title and total number of words in your story only (not including the title) in parentheses next to the title.  E.g. The Dark House (763 words)
  8. A list of any non-English words or terms used, with a simple definition, in English
  9. Any activities to accompany your story (if you choose to include these – they are optional)
  10. Do not include vocabulary lists. The “Stories About Ourselves” editor will create these.


B. When you send your material, please…

  • send it in Word.doc format
  • use Times New Roman size 12 font
  • Include all the information mentioned above (numbers 1 – 8) at the beginning of your document. Put any activities (number 9) at the end of your document
  • double space all your typing
  • Any non-English words should be italicized, and included in a separate list (see #8 above)
  •  use the following model to label your attached document (ie. Send your story as an attachment NOT in the body of your e-mail)

FAMILYNAMEPersonalname(all one word).StoryTitle(all one word).Day(number).Month (in words).Year(number).doc

            E.g. BROWNCharles.TheDarkHouse.06.Nov.2020.doc 

Abbreviate the name of the month using the first three letters. (E.g. May., or Mar., not Ma.)

  • use the same format in the subject line of your e-mail message


C. If you send any photos or pictures, please…

  • label each one in such a way as to indicate what it is
  • explain exactly where in the story it should fit
  • Remember to send ORIGINAL photos or images only, that you have ownership of, or permission from the photographer/artist to use (for copyright reasons.) If using photos taken by another person, please also send a scanned digital copy of a signed written document indicating you have the permission of the photographer to use it. Please note, contributors will be legally responsible for the images they use if any questions arise over copyright.
  • If e-mailing images, please resize these to a smaller size so as to avoid e-mail capacity problems.
  • include all images within the Word document itself, not as separate photos. (If we need a larger size, we will let you know, so please keep the original image in your digital storage system.)


Please send all materials to the following e-mail address with a brief covering message indicating you are making a submission to “Stories About Ourselves” with a brief synopsis of the content of your material.

Our Email: editor.stories@belta-bd.org